Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The raunchy sex tape of an accused murderer

A US court has heard a 40-minute taped conversation between accused killer Jodi Arias and her dead ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander.

Arias admits she likes the "debasing" fantasies described by Alexander, who she's accused of murdering in 2008.

Alexander was a devout Mormon, a virgin, who the prosecution alleges was deeply conflicted between his religion and his sexual fantasies.

In the tape recording he's heard saying: "I'm going to tie you to a tree and put it in your a--."

Arias cowered in the courtroom as the tape recording played out in front of her mother and sister, and in which she told Alexander: "Oh my gosh, that is so debasing, I like it".

"You're pretty, you're so attractive," Alexander. "I've never seen you look bad in my life. There are times when you've looked miserable and I've still, like, raped you."

The sordid fantasies go further.

"You sound like a 12-year-old having an orgasm, that's so hot, like little girl," Alexander said.

Arias replied: "You're bad, you make me feel so dirty."

The couple also discussed shooting porn together.

"I get the impression there aren't a lot of Mormon guys like (you). There are probably plenty of freaky Mormon girls, but are they the marrying type?" Arias said.

"Are the girls the type you'd want to marry, or the guys the type I'd like to marry, someone like you who can be freaky? I worry about that."

Arias' lawyers argued self-defence in the killing of Alexander, who she alleges was becoming more and more violent in the lead-up to his death.

The Arias defence alleges the pair were having sex, which turned into a bloody attack, and Arias was frightened for her life.

The prosecution claims Arias killed Alexander out of jealousy as the two were no longer dating at the time of his death.

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